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UCLA General Catalog 2016-17

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Graduate Study

Graduate students at UCLA benefit from—and contribute to—the resources of one of the country’s outstanding research universities. A distinguished faculty committed to research and teaching, an extensive library system ranked among the best in the nation, and excellent research centers, institutes, and laboratories in virtually every major discipline all provide extraordinary opportunities for graduate endeavor.

Graduate training at UCLA takes place in the classrooms, the laboratories, the libraries, in specialized seminars, through independent research, and in teaching experiences. Graduate education is enriched by several hundred postdoctoral and visiting scholars from other universities who engage in research and, in some instances, teaching at UCLA every year. This unique research environment promotes the quality of original work and study that is the hallmark of graduate education.

The degree of Master of Arts or Master of Science, or one of several professional degrees such as Master of Business Administration, is intended to develop mastery of a field and prepare students for the practice of a profession. The doctoral degree (PhD, EdD, and so forth) is designed to prepare students for creative activity and original research, often in association with college or university teaching.

About the UCLA Graduate Division

The UCLA Graduate Division administers policy established by the Academic Senate and its Graduate Council for master’s, doctoral, and graduate professional degree programs other than the professional degree programs in law, medicine, and dentistry, and for postdoctoral scholars. It oversees graduate recruitment and admissions (including the recruitment of a diverse student body), fellowships, teaching assistantships, graduate student researcher appointments, and other graduate student support, and the maintenance of high quality standards in all UCLA graduate programs. The dean of the Graduate Division also serves as vice provost of graduate education.

Graduate Council. The Graduate Council is a standing committee of the UCLA Academic Senate. In keeping with the University commitment to the philosophy of shared governance, the council is responsible for the establishment of policy and standards for graduate education and post-doctoral scholars at UCLA; the approval, review, and monitoring of graduate degree programs; and recommendations regarding fellowships and assistantships.

Graduate Adviser. At matriculation, a graduate student usually selects or is assigned a graduate adviser who assists in program planning and completion of degree requirements. Sometimes this role is temporarily assumed by a faculty adviser assigned to the program as a whole. When the student’s master’s or doctoral committee is established, the chair of the committee assumes the adviser’s role.

Graduate Admission


Financial Support

Degree Requirements