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UCLA General Catalog 2016-17

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Registrar’s Office
1113 Murphy Hall
310-825-1091, option 6


Registration consists of paying fees and enrolling in classes.

  1. Registration fees and other University charges are due the 20th of each month. BruinBill accounts can be viewed through MyUCLA.
  2. Enrollment in classes is completed through MyUCLA.

Students must complete both processes by the established deadlines to be officially registered and enrolled for the term.

Graduate students must be either registered and enrolled or on an official leave of absence every term until their degrees are awarded. As an exception, certain graduate students may be eligible to pay the filing fee (see below). Failure to register or be on an official leave of absence for any term constitutes withdrawal from UCLA.

Paying Fees

Details on fee payment, enrollment procedures, and deadlines are on the Registrar’s website.


BruinBill accounts are administered electronically (e-bill) through MyUCLA. Financial activity is displayed for the current term, as well as account activity for the last 24 months. MyUCLA also provides a link to im-portant communications from the University regarding registration and University policies. Students can pay their BruinBill account electronically using electronic checks with no fee, or American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA credit cards with a fee.

Annual Graduate Fees

Although the exact cost of attending UCLA varies by program, there are some fees that all UCLA students must pay. UCLA does not charge on a per-unit basis. Each entering and readmitted student is required to submit a Statement of Legal Residence to the Diversity, Inclusion, and Admissions office in the Graduate Division with the Statement of Intent to Register. Students classified as nonresidents of California must pay annual nonresident supplemental tuition in addition to other registration fees. Legal residents of California are not required to pay nonresident supplemental tuition. For a definition of residence and nonresidence, see the Appendix.

Professional Degree Program Fees

Students admitted to the DDS, DEnv, DrPH, JD, MArch I, MFA in Art, MFA in Film and Television, MFA in Theater, MD, MPH, MPP, MSN, MSW, and MURP degree programs must also pay professional degree supplemental tuition, which varies by program.

Self-Supporting Program Fees

Students in self-supporting programs pay a flat annual fee instead of per-term fees. For details, consult the individual program. Self-supporting program fees are published online.

Miscellaneous Fees

Miscellaneous fees include charges for late registration fees payment. Late fees also apply if students file their study list late or do not pay off BruinBill balances on time. Fees are charged if any check is returned by a bank for any reason. Charges are assessed for most petitions and other special requests. There is also a fee for advancement to doctoral candidacy. A full list of miscellaneous fees is available online.

Student Health Insurance

All UCLA graduate students are automatically assessed for and enrolled in the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP) as a condition of registration at UCLA. Continued enrollment in a qualified medical/health insurance plan must be maintained during all registered terms. UCSHIP components are medical, vision, dental, and behavioral health services.

The UCSHIP fee is billed each term along with other UCLA fees. UCSHIP fulfills all of the requirements mandated for a qualified medical/health insurance plan as defined by the University. The Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center is the primary healthcare provider for UCSHIP and is where all nonemergency medical care must be initiated for UCSHIP claim payment consideration.

Waiving UCSHIP

Students may waive UCSHIP if they (1) maintain active enrollment in a qualified medical/health insurance plan that meets all established requirements, (2) apply for a UCSHIP waiver within established deadlines each term, and (3) correctly complete the online UCSHIP waiver form.

Students must apply for a UCSHIP waiver online. A pre-waiver worksheet is available to assist students before they complete an actual waiver. See the Ashe Center website for details, including a definition of qualified private medical/health insurance. Click the Insurance tab and select the appropriate waiver link.

Deadlines for Waiving UCSHIP

Third-party individuals may not waive UCSHIP for a student. Waivers must be submitted by the stated deadlines whether or not fees have been paid by that date. The fall UCSHIP waiver is available between July 1 and the student fee payment deadline. Deadlines are strictly enforced. There are no refunds after the deadline.

The schedule for waiving UCSHIP is as follows:

School of Law Students
  Fall Semester
  LLM July 1-August 7
  Year 1 July 1-August 7
  Years 2, 3 July 1-August 20
  Spring Semester December 1-20
School of Medicine Students
  Fall Semester
  Years 1, 2, 3 July 1-20
  Year 4 June 1-20
  Spring Semester December 1-20
All Other Students
  Fall Quarter September 1-20
  Winter Quarter December 1-20
  Spring Quarter March 1-20

The UCSHIP fall quarter waiver website is available between July 1 and September 20, 2016. For semester students, the waiver website is available between July 1 and the fee payment deadline.

The above information serves as official notice of the UCLA mandatory medical/health insurance requirement. All students are responsible for providing complete and accurate information that must be submitted by the stated deadlines.

Fee Refunds

Students who formally withdraw from the University or take an approved leave of absence may receive partial refunds of fees. For more information, see Withdrawal in the Academic Policies section of this catalog or consult the Registrar’s refunds web page for policy details and specific refund deadlines for each term.

Fee Deferrals

Academic apprentice personnel are eligible to receive a fee deferral for registration fees assessed during the term in which they serve as an academic apprentice. For more information, students should contact their hiring department. Students are responsible for paying fees by the deferred payment deadline, which is two months after the standard term due date. Whether students attend UCLA, take a leave of absence, or withdraw from the University, they are responsible for the fees, but may be eligible to receive a partial fee refund according to the refund schedule. Fees not paid by the deadline are subject to late fees.

Reduced Nonresident Supplemental Tuition

The annual nonresident supplemental tuition for graduate doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy is reduced by 100 percent, effective the term after the student is advanced. Doctoral students may receive this reduced nonresident supplemental tuition rate for a maximum of three years. After three years, the full nonresident rate is assessed.

Filing Fee

Graduate students may be eligible to pay the filing fee (half the quarterly student services fee) in lieu of full registration fees for the term in which they expect to complete final degree requirements and receive their degree. Students are not eligible to pay the filing fee unless registered the immediately preceding term. For more information on other eligibility requirements, see the filing fee web page.

Students who pay the filing fee are not eligible for University services and are not considered in the same status as registered students.

In Absentia Registration

Graduate students conducting research or taking coursework outside California may be eligible for in absentia registration and reduction of tuition and the student services fee to 15 percent of the full amounts. See the Academic Policies section of this catalog for more information.

All fees are subject to change without notice by the Regents. Current academic year fees and update information is available from the Registrar’s fees website.

Annual Budget Estimates

Budgets are designed to serve as a guide and are subject to change without notice. Budget information is available from Financial Aid and Scholarships. Budgets for the schools of Medicine, Dentistry, and Nursing are higher due to specialized supplies. More information can be found on the medical school website for medicine students, dental school website for dentistry students, and nursing school website for nursing students.

Enrolling in Classes

The Schedule of Classes contains listings of class times, meeting rooms, instructors, and all information necessary for enrolling in classes. Use the Schedule and academic counseling to assemble a program of courses.

MyUCLA Enrollment

Students enroll in classes through MyUCLA. The site walks students through the enrollment procedure.

Students are assigned specific times—called appointments—when they are allowed to enroll. Use MyUCLA to determine enrollment appointments.

Also use MyUCLA for other enrollment-related tasks, such as adding, dropping, or exchanging classes; signing onto the wait list for a class and checking wait list status; or changing the grading basis for a class. For more information, see the Registrar’s enrollment policies web page.

In-Person Enrollment

For classes that require written approval or specialized processing, students may enroll in person at 1113 Murphy Hall, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Study List

A study list is the record of courses a student is enrolled in for the term. At 11:59 p.m. on Friday of the second week of instruction the study list of enrolled courses becomes official, and all wait lists are eliminated. Students should verify their study list through MyUCLA after each enrollment transaction. Students are responsible for all courses and the grading basis as listed on MyUCLA and cannot receive credit for courses not listed.

After Friday of the second week, most changes to the official study list can be made with a fee through MyUCLA. Some changes require an Enrollment Petition along with approval signatures. See the study list web page for deadlines and complete instructions.

Errors or omissions should be corrected before the College or school deadlines for changes by petition. Unapproved withdrawal from or neglect of a course entered on the study list results in a failing grade.

Full-Time Graduate Program

Three courses (or 12 units) per term are considered the normal enrollment for graduate students and are required for students not in doctoral candidacy to be counted for full-time standing in University official enrollment records. Therefore, students are directed by their departments to enroll full time whenever possible.

Throughout their appointments, teaching assistants (TAs) and graduate student researchers (GSRs) are required to be registered and enrolled in at least 12 quarter units. TAs or GSRs terminate their appointments if they take a leave of absence, withdraw, or use a filing fee. Course 375 for TAs and independent studies at the 500 level for GSRs may be counted toward the 12-unit load.

Graduate students holding fellowships must be enrolled in at least 12 units, both before and after advancement to candidacy. The 12-unit minimum required per term may include, among others, the 500 series (individual study or research).

Veterans are required to make normal progress toward the degree as stated by the major department. Information on Department of Veterans Affairs regulations is available from the veterans benefits officer, 1113 Murphy Hall.

Continuous Registration Policy

Graduate students must be either registered and enrolled or on an official leave of absence every term until their degrees are awarded. As an exception, certain graduate students may be eligible to pay the filing fee (see above). Failure to register or be on an official leave of absence for any term (fall, winter, or spring quarter) constitutes withdrawal from UCLA.

Registration in the Final Term

If students are completing courses; using faculty time, library facilities, laboratories, or other University resources; or receiving University funds, they are required to register in the final term in which they expect to receive their degree.

When the award of a degree is expected at the end of a given term, but special circumstances (not involving preparation of the manuscript) over which a student has no control prevent the completion of all requirements before the first day of instruction in the next term, a student may petition for a waiver of registration for that term. Such petitions must be accompanied by a letter from the graduate adviser or department chair elaborating the exceptional circumstances.

Health Assessment and Evaluation

New students enrolling in the Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, or Nursing, or the Social Welfare Department, must complete and return health evaluation forms to the Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center. See the Ashe Center website to obtain professional school health clearances and monitor immunization compliance. To schedule a clearance appointment, call 310-825-4073 option 1, or visit the Ashe Center website. For specific questions related to requirements, contact the individual department.

Immunization Recommendations

UCLA recommends that all incoming students be vaccinated against or show immunity to multiple infectious diseases consistent with guidelines of the American College Health Association, California Department of Public Health, and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These recommendations help protect the health of students and the entire campus community. The need is more pressing than ever, given recent multistate measles outbreaks and re-emergence of other vaccine-preventable diseases among those not completely immunized. Students are encouraged to submit their immunization history to the Ashe secure patient portal. See the Ashe Center website for more information.