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UCLA General Catalog 2016-17

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Financial Support

Fellowships and Financial Services
1228 Murphy Hall


As a major center for graduate study, UCLA offers its qualified graduate students substantial support through several types of financial assistance.

Information on available funding for entering (and re-entering) students is included in the online Application for Graduate Admission. Continuing graduate students should complete the online Fellowship Application for Continuing Graduate Students. Completed fellowship applications must be returned to the home department by the published deadlines. Some departments have earlier deadlines; consult the Graduate Division continuing student funding website for details.

The Graduate Division website includes a financial support section for entering students and one for continuing students. Both describe the full range of financial assistance available. Students should contact their department for more detailed information.


The University administers several awards on the basis of scholarly achievement. Most awards are available in open competition, though some are restricted to new students or to specific departments. Some fellowship and scholarship awards are made from University funds; others are made from endowment funds held in trust by the University and given by interested friends and alumni. Still others come from annual donations by educational foundations, industry, government, and individual benefactors.

Most fellowship, traineeship, and grant awards are for one academic year (three terms). Fellowships and grants provide stipends in varying amounts for qualified students. Nonresident tuition fellowships cover the nonresident supplemental tuition, for periods of one to three terms, of selected graduate students who are not California residents.


Academic apprenticeships train qualified students for careers in teaching and research, and compensate them for their services. Teaching assistantships provide experience in teaching undergraduates, with faculty supervision. Graduate student researcher appointments give students experience working on faculty-supervised research projects. For more information see the working at UCLA website.

Awards Based on Financial Need

Because the cost of a graduate education may present a financial hardship, students who require assistance in meeting educational costs are encouraged to apply for aid based on their financial need. Need is defined as the difference between allowable school-related expenses and financial resources. Financial aid applicants must file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The priority filing deadline is March 2. Some awards, such as university grants, are subject to availability of funding. Students who complete the FAFSA by March 2 should also make sure that any additional requested documentation is submitted to Financial Aid and Scholarships as soon as possible.

Students who need financial aid for Summer Sessions must submit a Summer Aid Application in addition to the FAFSA. Summer applications are available at the Financial Aid website beginning April 1 and should be filed by April 30 for on-time consideration.

Financial aid is also available to UCLA students enrolled in Summer Travel, Summer Institutes, or UC cross-campus Summer Sessions. See the Financial Aid website for applications and deadline information.

Financial aid awards include work-study and low-interest loans. Students are usually awarded a financial aid package that is a combination of these forms of assistance. Further information is available from Financial Aid and Scholarships, A129J Murphy Hall.