Military Science

Undergraduate Study

Students aspiring to become Army officers follow prescribed course sequences with the Military Science Department and a physical fitness program. Generally, the courses consist of one 2- to 4-unit course per term and physical fitness sessions one to three times per week, depending on the participation-level requirements.

The military science curriculum is divided into two parts: (1) the Basic Course, two years of lower-division study during which students must complete six military science courses and (2) the Advanced Course, two years of upper-division study consisting of six military science courses, one military history course, and a five-week summer camp.

Army ROTC students must satisfy the military history requirement by completing Military Science 110 or another history course approved by the chair.

Transfer students and others who were unable to enroll in the Basic Course can receive equivalent credit in several different ways (see Two-Year Program below).

Admission to the Advanced Course is limited to selected students who meet all academic and physical requirements. Students in this course receive a subsistence allowance between $450 and $500 a month for 10 months during each of the two academic years, plus military science uniforms. After completion of the Advanced Course and graduation, students have the opportunity to be commissioned as second lieutenants in one of the Army’s 16 specialty areas in either the Army National Guard, Reserves, or Active Army. Students’s preferences are a major factor in determining which specialty is awarded.

Students selected for Advanced ROTC must attend a five-week leadership development and assessment course between their Military Science III and IV years. Cadets receive an allowance for travel expenses and are paid for attendance.

The active duty obligation for those students selected to enter the Reserves or National Guard is for initial training, and only for a period of several months. The active duty obligation for those students commissioned into the Active Army is three years. Students who accept ROTC scholarships and enter the Active Army serve one additional year. ROTC students wishing to obtain certain advanced degrees may be granted a delay in reporting to their initial assignment.

Four-Year Program

Students are enrolled in the Basic Course (freshman and sophomore years) on a voluntary basis. After completion of the Basic Course and before entrance into the Advanced Course (junior and senior years), students are required to execute a contract with the Department of the Army agreeing to complete the Advanced Course and accept a commission if offered.

Two-Year Program

The two-year program is designed for students who receive placement credit for two years of ROTC and directly enter the Advanced Course. Placement credit may be given for completing three years of high school Junior ROTC, attending a paid ROTC Leaders’s Training Course, membership in the Army Reserves or National Guard, completing two years of college-level Air Force or Navy ROTC, or previous active duty military service. The Army also allows enrollment in the two-year program while students attend graduate school.


Successful completion of the Advanced Course program and a bachelor’s degree may lead to a commission as a second lieutenant in the Army Reserves, National Guard, or Active Army.