Enrolling in Classes

Students enroll in classes through MyUCLA during assigned times — called enrollment appointments — when they are allowed to enroll. The Class Planner feature allows students to create class plans prior to enrollment, share plans with counselors, and quickly add classes during their enrollment appointment. Students use the Find a Class or Section feature to search the Schedule of Classes and add available classes to their class plan or study list.

MyUCLA is also used to view enrollment appointments; drop classes; change grade type and number of units; exchange classes; and view the study list, which includes information on class meeting times, final examinations, classmates, grades, textbooks, and class websites. For more information, see Registrar’s study list and enrollment policies pages.

For classes that require written approval or specialized processing, students may enroll in person Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 1113 Murphy Hall.

Study List

A study list is the record of courses in which a student is enrolled for the term. At 11:59 p.m. on Friday of the second week of instruction, the study list of enrolled courses becomes official and all wait lists are eliminated. Students should verify their study list through MyUCLA after each enrollment transaction. Students are responsible for all courses and the grading basis as listed on MyUCLA, and cannot receive credit for courses not listed.

After Friday of the second week, most changes to the official study list can be made with a fee through MyUCLA. Some changes require an Enrollment Petition along with approval signatures.

See study list for deadlines and complete instructions.

Errors or omissions should be corrected before the College or school deadlines for changes by petition. Unapproved withdrawal from or neglect of a course entered on the study list results in a failing grade.

Wait List

Some departments establish wait lists for classes that are full. If an enrolled student drops the class, that seat is filled by a student on the wait list. Students can check enrollment status through MyUCLA. Position on a wait list does not indicate enrollment. Students on a wait list should not assume they will be added to a class.

Wait lists are maintained through Friday of the second week of instruction unless a department deletes them earlier.

Full-Time Graduate Program

Three courses (or 12 units) per term are considered the normal enrollment for graduate students, and are required for students not in doctoral candidacy to be counted for full-time standing in UCLA official enrollment records. Therefore, students are directed by their departments to enroll full time whenever possible.

Throughout their appointments, teaching assistants (TAs) and graduate student researchers (GSRs) are required to be registered and enrolled in at least 12 quarter units. TAs or GSRs terminate their appointments if they take a leave of absence, withdraw, or use a filing fee. Course 375 for TAs, and individual study at the 500 level for GSRs, may be counted toward the 12-unit load.

Graduate students holding fellowships must be enrolled in at least 12 units, both before and after advancement to candidacy. The 12-unit minimum required per term may include, among others, the 500 series (individual study or research).

Veterans are required to make normal progress toward the degree as indicated by the major department. Information on Department of Veterans Affairs regulations is available from the veterans benefits coordinator, 1113 Murphy Hall.

Continuous Registration Policy

Graduate students must be either registered and enrolled or on an official leave of absence every term until the degree is awarded. As an exception, certain graduate students may be eligible to pay the filing fee. Failure to register, have filing fee status, or be on an official leave of absence for any academic term (fall, winter, or spring quarter) constitutes withdrawal from UCLA.

Registration in the Final Term

If students are completing courses; using faculty time, library facilities, laboratories, or other UCLA resources; or receiving UCLA funds, they are required to register in the final term in which they expect to receive their degree.

When the award of a degree is expected at the end of a given term, but special circumstances (not involving preparation of the manuscript) over which a student has no control prevent the completion of all requirements before the first day of instruction in the next term, a student may petition for a waiver of registration for that term. Such petitions must be accompanied by a letter from the graduate faculty adviser or department chair elaborating the exceptional circumstances.

Immunization Requirements

UCLA requires that all incoming students be vaccinated against or show immunity to multiple infectious diseases consistent with guidelines of the American College Health Association, California Department of Public Health, and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). These requirements help protect the health of students and the entire campus community. Students submit their immunization history to the Ashe secure patient portal. See immunization requirements for more information.

Health Assessment and Evaluation

Incoming students enrolling in the school of dentistry, medicine, or nursing — or the Social Welfare department — must meet specific requirements related to their professional health-care program. Information is available from the Ashe Center. For specific questions, contact the individual department.