Scope and Objectives

The Department of Musicology curricula allow students to gain a broad understanding of the history and culture of music. Courses cover virtually every period, style, and genre, including jazz and other popular musics. The department is aligned with the departments of Ethnomusicology and Music; and aspires to promote productive collaboration between performance and scholarship, a cross-cultural global understanding of the art of music, and preparatory training for a broad range of careers in music after students graduate.

Musicology appeals to undergraduate students with musical backgrounds whose interests and principal career goals lie in areas other than professional performance. The undergraduate program prepares students for graduate programs in music and related fields and offers training within the broader context of the humanities.

The graduate program offers courses leading to the MA and PhD degrees. It is designed to equip students to pursue careers not only in teaching but also in other areas that require bibliographical skills and training in research methodologies. The department offers teaching and research assistantships each year for qualified students.