Naval Science

Scope and Objectives

In accordance with the National Defense Act of 1920 and with the concurrence of the Regents of the University of California, a unit of the Army Senior Division Reserve Officers’s Training Corps (ROTC) was established on the Los Angeles campus in July 1920. Navy and Air Force units were established in 1938 and 1949 respectively.

This voluntary training in the Naval ROTC program allows students to qualify for an officer’s commission in the Navy or Marine Corps while completing their college education. The ROTC curricula are not considered academic majors, but ROTC courses may be taken as free electives and applied toward the total course requirements of a major. For students contracted in the Naval Science Department, 26 units of naval science credit may be applied toward the requirements for the bachelor’s degree.

All three ROTC departments offer voluntary four- and three-year programs for freshmen and sophomores. The Army and Navy/Marine Corps also offer a two-year program for current and transfer students. All have leadership laboratories that teach leadership and management skills.

Active duty obligation following commissioning varies depending on branch of service and designated career field or occupational specialty.


ROTC scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to U.S. citizens regardless of parents’s income. Scholarships cover tuition, a book allowance, fees, and a tax-free monetary allowance between $250 and $400 per month during the academic year. Applications for scholarships may be obtained online or by calling 800-628-7682. Completed applications should be submitted no later than January 31 for the fall term. Two or three-year scholarship applications may be obtained from the Naval Science Department and are considered when received.

Navy/Marine Corps ROTC Program

The Department of Naval Science provides professional training for students leading to an active duty commission at graduation in the U.S. Navy or Marine Corps. Through the Naval Reserve Officers’s Training Corps (NROTC), scholarship students receive full tuition, fees, books, and subsistence pay of $250 to $400 per month. Nonscholarship students may apply to participate as members of the midshipman battalion under the NROTC College Program and, if selected for advanced standing prior to their junior year, may receive an active duty commission at graduation. Because of the rapid development of highly technical ship systems, aviation, and other military equipment, science and engineering majors are highly desirable; however, Navy/Marine Corps scholarships are currently available to students pursuing any major offered by UCLA, as long as they agree to complete basic technical requirements. In addition to UC and UCLA requirements, Navy option midshipmen must complete 30 units and Marine Corps option midshipmen 22 units of naval science courses, physical fitness test, and summer training cruises, each about four to six weeks long. Both Navy and Marine Corps option students must also pass a swimming test. Some naval science courses are open to UCLA students who are not in the program with consent of instructor and demonstrated interest in the Navy/Marine Corps and related fields, such as engineering, navigation and naval operations, history, and management.