Naval Science

Undergraduate Study

Scholarship Program

The majority of naval science students attend UCLA on Navy/Marine Corps scholarships, which are awarded primarily on a four-year basis to high school seniors selected by a nationwide competition. A two-year upper-division scholarship program is also available, with a similar selection process, to students who have not yet begun their junior year in college. Applications for both types of scholarships are due by January 31 each year. In addition to tuition, fees, and uniforms, students receive subsistence pay of $250 to $400 per month and a book stipend. Scholarship students are obligated to serve on active duty for a minimum of four to five years following graduation and commissioning.

College Program (Nonscholarship)

Students attending UCLA who meet Navy/Marine Corps requirements but who do not have an NROTC scholarship may enroll in the College Program during their freshman year. These students have the opportunity to compete for scholarships after the completion of one term of naval science courses. If they do not win a scholarship, or choose not to compete for one, they must compete for advanced standing prior to their junior year. A two-year College Program is also available to students who have not yet started their junior year. Students enter the two-year program with advanced standing after selection through national competition and completion of a six-week summer training period. Applications for the two-year program are due March 1 of the sophomore year. All College Program students receive uniforms, naval science textbooks and, once selected for advanced standing, monthly subsistence pay in their junior and senior years.

Marine Corps Option

Highly motivated NROTC students may request designation as Marine Corps option students and may also pursue any UCLA academic degree. The final summer training, and a requirement to be commissioned as an officer in the Marine Corps, involves intensive Marine training at Officer Candidate School in Quantico, VA. Marine Corps option students also participate, on a limited basis, in field training exercises during the academic year.