Graduate Financial Support

Graduate Fellowships and Assistantships


UCLA administers several awards on the basis of scholarly achievement. Most awards are available in open competition, though some are restricted to new students or to specific departments. Some fellowship and scholarship awards are made from university funds; others are made from endowment funds held in trust by UCLA and given by interested friends and alumni. Still others come from annual donations by educational foundations, industry, government, and individual benefactors.

Most fellowship, traineeship, and grant awards are for one academic year (three terms). Fellowships and grants offer stipends in varying amounts for qualified students. Nonresident tuition fellowships cover nonresident supplemental tuition (NRST), for periods of one to three terms, of selected graduate students who are not California residents. See the entering students and continuing students pages for details.


Academic apprenticeships train qualified students for careers in teaching and research, and compensate them for their services. Teaching assistantships offer experience in teaching undergraduates, with faculty supervision. Graduate student researcher appointments give students experience working on faculty-supervised research projects. For more information, see working at UCLA.