Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Middle Eastern Studies Graduate Courses

200. Bibliography and Method of Near Eastern Languages and Literatures. (4) Lecture, two hours. Required for MA degree. Introduction to bibliographical resources and training in methods of research in various areas of specialization offered by department. May be repeated for credit. S/U or letter grading.

201. Study of Religion: Theory and Method. (4) Seminar, three hours. Preparation: familiarity with at least two major world religions. Designed for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Introduction to variety of theories and methods used in academic study of religion. In attempt to demonstrate importance that historical, cultural, and social exigencies play in development of religious traditions, discussion of theories comparatively and in their historical context, with focus on presuppositions and core concepts and implications of each theory. Letter grading.

210. Survey of Afro-Asiatic Languages. (4) Lecture, three hours. Survey of structures of number of representative languages from various major branches of Hamito-Semitic (Afro-Asiatic) language family. S/U or letter grading.

C222. History, Memory, and Identity in Israel. (4) Seminar, three hours. Israeli society was born in effort to reshape images of Jewish past and has been shaken by many debates over history, recent and ancient events, and how these are represented by historical scholarship as well as in popular media and public spaces. Struggles over image of past have become central (as in many other societies) to debates about identity in present and directions, goals, and hopes for future. Exploration of ways in which struggles over past have shaped Israeli present. Examination of historiographical debates and their reflections in range of media to make some sense of ever-changing past, ways in which it shapes political, ideological, and cultural identities in present, and where meeting points are between popular discourse and work historians do. Examination of conflicting readings of past and its representation in Israeli historiography and in shaping of Israeli collective memory and identity. Concurrently scheduled with course C122. S/U or letter grading.

241. Folklore and Mythology of Near East. (4) Lecture, three hours. Exploration of variety of traditions in ancient Near Eastern literature concerning creation of cosmos, origins of mankind, and boundaries between divine and human realms. Answers to questions concerning origins of evil, pursuit of wisdom, expectations for life beyond death, and quest for immortality are all sought in folklore of ancient religions. Directed readings of ancient literatures. S/U or letter grading.

290. Seminar: Paleography. (4) Seminar, three hours. Provides students with ability to cope with varieties of manuscripts. S/U or letter grading.