Pushing the boundaries of the known, UCLA researchers — faculty members and students, both graduate and undergraduate — venture every day into uncharted worlds from the molecular to the galactic.

Whether tracing the roots of urban decay, pioneering new drug therapies for cancer, or revealing a black hole at the center of our galaxy, research at UCLA is advancing the frontiers of knowledge.

Among the leading research universities in the world, in 2016-17 UCLA received $1.06 billion in extramural grants and contracts to support its research. Each year it hosts hundreds of postdoctoral scholars who share its facilities.

UCLA laboratories have seen major breakthroughs in scientific and medical research. Its study centers have helped foster understanding among the various cultures of the world. And its ongoing pursuits of new knowledge in vital areas continue to improve the quality of life for people around the world.

Faculty members teach both undergraduate and graduate courses and, through their research, create knowledge as well as transmit it. At UCLA, students are taught by the people making the discoveries. They exchange ideas with faculty members who are authorities in their fields and, even as undergraduate students, are encouraged to participate in research to experience firsthand the discovery of new knowledge.