Scope and Objectives

Neurology is the medical science dealing with the normal and diseased nervous system. Neurological disorders are often associated with significant disability, morbidity, and mortality. Their higher incidence in association with greater longevity of the population, increased awareness, improved diagnostic methods, and other factors place neurological disorders among the major medical problems today. The Department of Neurology and the Reed Neurological Research Center provide means for a coordinated basic science and clinical research approach to neurological disorders, patient care, and neurological education.

The department instructs medical students throughout the four years. Emphasis in the first year is on basic aspects of neuroanatomy, chemistry, and physiology; in the second year, neurological history taking and neurological examination of afflicted patients are stressed. The third year consists of a clerkship, and the fourth year provides electives in neurology, including an advanced clinical clerkship.

Graduate students and postdoctoral candidates are trained in both the basic and clinical laboratories.

For more details on the Department of Neurology and courses offered, see the department website.