Academic Credit and Class Levels

Academic work at UCLA is measured by units of credit, which are used to evaluate the amount of time a student has devoted to a particular subject and to determine a student’s class level.

Units of Credit

Most UCLA courses are assigned a unit value. One unit represents three hours of work per week per term by the student, including both class attendance and preparation.

Class Levels


Undergraduate class level is based on completed and in-progress units, not years attended.

Undergraduate Levels
Class Designation Units Completed
Freshman (UFR) 0-44.9
Sophomore (USO) 45-89.9
Junior (UJR) 90-134.9
Senior (USR) 135 or more

Graduate Student

Graduate class level is based on the degree objective, whether or not students are advanced to candidacy for a doctorate, and/or completed units.

Graduate Levels
Class Designation Units Completed
Master (MA/MS) (GMT) Master’s degree objective
Professional Master (GPM)
Doctorate 1 (GD1) Not advanced to candidacy
Doctorate 2 (GD2) Advanced to candidacy
Professional School (PF)
Professional School (PF2) Second year (Law: 30-55.9)
Professional School (PF3) Third year (Law: 56 or more)