Repetition of Courses

Certain courses, as noted in their course descriptions, may be repeated for credit. Other courses taken at UCLA (except UCLA Extension) may be repeated only according to the following guidelines:

  • To improve the grade-point average (GPA), students may repeat only those courses in which they receive a grade of C- or lower; NP or U grades may be repeated to gain unit credit. Courses in which a letter grade is received may not be repeated on a P/NP or S/U basis. Courses originally taken on a P/NP or S/U basis may be repeated on the same basis or for a letter grade.
  • Repetition of a course more than once requires the approval of the College, school, or dean of the Graduate Division, and is granted only under extraordinary circumstances.
  • Degree credit for a course is given only once, but the grade assigned each time the course is taken is permanently recorded on the transcript.
  • For undergraduates who repeat a total of 16 or fewer units, only the most recently earned letter grades and grade points are computed in the GPA. After repeating 16 units, however, the GPA is based on all letter grades assigned and total units attempted.
  • Certain programs may place additional restrictions on the repetition of courses required for those programs.
  • For graduate students, all courses in which a letter grade is given, including repeated courses, are used in computing the GPA.