Upper-Division Tutorials and Examinations

Credit for Upper-Division Tutorials

Credit for upper-division tutorial courses numbered 195 through 199 in a single term is limited to a maximum of 8 units. Subject to regulations governing P/NP grades, students may take these courses on a P/NP or a letter-grade basis, but the total number of units allowed in upper-division tutorial courses for a letter grade is 32.

To enroll in an upper-division tutorial course, students must have advanced junior standing and at least a 3.0 GPA in the major field, or must have senior standing. Students who have an outstanding Incomplete (I) grade in an upper-division tutorial course may not enroll in another upper-division tutorial course until the grade of I has been removed. On the advice of the instructor and chair, the dean of the College or school may authorize exceptions to the limitations listed. Departments may impose additional limitations on upper-division tutorial courses.

Credit by Examination

Students with high scholastic standing may earn credit for regular UCLA courses by taking examinations rather than enrolling in the courses. This is accomplished by establishing, with a UCLA faculty member, an individual plan of study that may include oral and written work in addition to other requirements. To be eligible, undergraduate students must have completed a minimum of 12 units at UCLA. Graduate students must be registered at the time of the examination and are limited to a maximum of three courses taken in this manner.

The results of these courses are entered on the record in the same way as UC transfer credit, and grade points are assigned. Graduate credit earned by examination may be applied to minimum course requirements for master’s degrees but cannot apply to academic residence requirements for master’s or doctorate degrees.

Students need approval from the instructor; the department; and the College, school, or dean of the Graduate Division, from whom petitions for credit by examination (with fee) are available.