Scope and Objectives

Physiology is the science of the functional activities of the human body. This covers a wide range, including observations on humans and experiments on animals and model systems in order to understand principles. Physiology is the science most directly relevant to human medicine in all its specialties and to understanding all environmental factors affecting human life. It is also a pure science of great challenge because of the complexity of its problems and its extensive interaction with mathematical, physical, biochemical, and engineering sciences, as well as with other branches of biology.

Within the prescribed curriculum, students may specialize in cellular and molecular physiology, theoretical and mathematical physiology, and organ systems and integrative phenomena, including neuroscience and behavioral physiology.

The Department of Physiology offers post-doctoral training in research and welcomes students interested in articulated MD/PhD programs.

Applicants interested in pursuing graduate study may apply directly to the interdepartmental Molecular, Cellular, and Integrative Physiology PhD program.