Psychology / Undergraduate Study

Cognitive Science Minor

The Cognitive Science minor is designed to introduce students to cognitive science topics as addressed in a number of different disciplines, such as biology, computer science, engineering, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, and psychology, while allowing them to pursue a more in-depth study of cognitive science topics within specific areas of their own choice.

The minor consists of two parts. In the first part students complete background courses and satisfy a computer programming experience requirement. In the second part they select courses from three clusters of upper-division courses that have been organized to reflect different aspects of cognitive science. Students take five courses from three clusters, with no more than three courses from any one cluster.

The minor is open to all enrolled UCLA students, other than Cognitive Science majors, who have an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better. After completing two background courses, students must make an appointment with an adviser in the Pyschology Undergraduate Advising Office by e-mail, or by phone at 310-825-2730, to declare the minor. The three background courses must be completed by the end of the summer quarter of the third year.

Required Courses (32 units): Psychology 85; one course from 15, 100B, Linguistics 1, or 20; and either Program in Computing 10A or Psychology 20A.

Students must complete five total courses from the following three clusters, with no more than three courses from any particular cluster: (1) biological basis of cognition cluster — Biomathematics 108, Linguistics C135, Music Industry M103, Neuroscience 102, M145, C177, 180, 181, 182, Psychology 110, 115, 116, M117C (or Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology M175C or Neuroscience M101C or Physiological Science M180C), 119B, 119C, 119F, M119L, M119N, 137G, 160, 161, M166; (2) human cognition cluster — Anthropology 124Q, 136A, Communication 129, Psychology 120A, 120B, 121, 124A through 124K, 133B, 133C, 133E, 186A through 186D; (3) mind and language cluster — Anthropology M150, Communication 118, 119, 126, M127, Linguistics 120A, 120B, 120C, 130, 132, C135, 185A, Philosophy 124, 125, 126, C127A, C127B, 129, 170, 172, Psychology 124A.

No more than two courses may be applied toward both this minor and a student’s major.

A minimum of 20 units applied toward the minor requirements must be in addition to units applied toward major requirements or another minor.

Each minor course must be taken for a letter grade, and students must have an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better in the minor. Successful completion of the minor is indicated on the transcript and diploma.