Absence and Readmission

Undergraduate Readmission

To return to UCLA after an absence of more than one term, students — except for those on PAL for non-UC study abroad — must complete an Undergraduate Readmission Application and file it with the Registrar’s Office in accordance with published deadlines. A nonrefundable fee applies.

Students must submit official transcripts from all institutions (including UCLA Extension) and a completed Statement of Legal Residence with readmission applications. Coursework is evaluated when official transcripts are received. The paper records of nonregistered students, including transcripts submitted for transfer credit, are retained by the Registrar’s Office for five academic years after the last registered term.

Students who have not registered for five years must resubmit official transcripts of all work completed outside UCLA. Readmission is generally approved if students were in good academic standing (2.0 GPA) when they left UCLA, if coursework completed elsewhere in the interim is satisfactory, and if readmission applications are filed on time. The College or school may have other regulations. Contact the readmission clerk for more information at 310-825-1091, option 6.

Readmission Deadlines

Fall Quarter August 15
Winter Quarter November 25
Spring Quarter February 25