Absence and Readmission

Graduate In Absentia Registration and Readmission

In Absentia Registration

Academic and professional graduate students who conduct research or engage in approved degree program-related activities outside California may be eligible for in absentia registration. Students registered in absentia pay 15 percent of tuition and the student services fee, but pay the full amounts of other mandatory fees such as health insurance and nonresident supplemental tuition (if applicable). In absentia registration and fee reductions may be used for a maximum of six quarters or four semesters for academic doctoral students, and up to three quarters or two semesters for master’s and professional graduate students. The In Absentia Registration Petition is available online. Complete details and restrictions are included.

Graduate Student Readmission

Students who are granted a formal leave of absence do not have to apply for readmission if they resume their graduate work in accordance with the terms of the leave. All other continuing graduate students who fail to register for any regular session, or who fail to complete a term through cancellation or withdrawal, must apply for readmission.

Students who have registered at any time as a graduate student at UCLA and return after an absence (except a formal leave of absence) must file an Application for Graduate Admission, available online. Payment of the nonrefundable application fee may be made by credit card only. Transcripts of all academic work completed since registration at UCLA as a graduate student must also be submitted.