Scandinavian Section

Scope and Objectives

Scandinavia consists of five northern European countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. These countries form a geographic bridge between the American and European continents and a political bridge between Western and Eastern Europe. For all students of literature, language, the arts, and the social and physical sciences, Scandinavia is of particular interest.

The Scandinavian Section offers two majors, one minor, and a Master of Arts program. The BA in Scandinavian Languages and Cultures provides students with a broad, yet robust, knowledge of the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Nordic countries. The BA in Nordic studies trains undergraduate students in a broad, interdisciplinary understanding of the Nordic region. The goal of this major is to provide students with a robust knowledge of the cultures and histories of this region from a global and transdisciplinary perspective. This major allows interested students an opportunity to explore the Nordic region from the perspective of non-Humanities disciplines, if they choose, while requiring a strong grounding in the history and cultures of the region. The minor in Scandinavian Languages is designed to give students a command of the intellectual history of the region and a developing appreciation of its literatures and cultures.

Graduate study leads to the Master of Arts in Scandinavian. Graduate students are expected to concentrate on one Scandinavian language, though they study the literatures of the other areas.