Scandinavian Section

Undergraduate Study

The Scandinavian Languages and Cultures and Nordic Studies majors are designated capstone majors. Under the guidance of faculty members, students are required to devise, research, and complete either a substantial research paper, film/video, or a website that reflects significant engagement with a challenging question in the realm of Scandinavian languages and cultures or Nordic studies. Through their capstone work, all students are expected to demonstrate their skills in articulating a clear and sophisticated research question, devising a realizable set of research goals, deploy their advanced knowledge of a Nordic language to access target language research materials and incorporate them into the research corpus, devise an appropriate modality for the final project, present a concise engaging public presentation of their research and respond to questions, and archive their project in an appropriate form.

Undergraduate Courses

No credit is allowed for completing a less advanced course after successful completion of a more advanced course in Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish grammar and/or composition. Students with demonstrated preparation may be permitted a more advanced program by the section or may be transferred to a more advanced course with consent of the instructor.

Native speakers of Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish may not enroll in any language course (including courses 105, 106, 107) in the Scandinavian Section except by petition in writing to the section. Non-Scandinavian students with knowledge of one of these Scandinavian languages may not take courses in the others except by petition in writing. Petitions must include a description of the student’s linguistic background and the reason for wanting to take the language course in question.