Scandinavian Section / Undergraduate Study

Nordic Studies BA

Capstone Major

Learning Outcomes

The Nordic Studies major has the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrated commanded of the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Nordic region
  • Demonstrated command of the economics, politics, environments, and histories of the Nordic region
  • Demonstrated specific skills and expertise, including research, analysis, and writing
  • Demonstrated understanding of the role of the Nordic region in global context, and the impact of global phenomena on the region
  • Identification, evaluation, and analysis of appropriate primary sources
  • Working knowledge of scholarly discourse from broad range of disciplines
  • Conception and execution of a project that identifies and engages with a specialized topic
  • Engagement with peers through presentation, discussion, and critique of student work

The Major

Required: Nine courses from the following five tracks, with at least one course in four of the tracks: (1) early Nordic literatures and cultures — Scandinavian C131, 132A, 132B, C133A, 134, C137, 138, (2) theory, genres, and authors — Scandinavian C141A, 141B, 141C, 142A, 143C, CM144A, C145A, C145B, C146A, 147A, C147B, (3) literary periods — Scandinavian 152, 155, 156, 157, (4) Scandinavian cinema — Scandinavian 161, C163A, C166A, C166C, (5) cultural studies — Scandinavian C171, 173A, C174A, 174B, C175, C180; and one senior capstone course (Scandinavian 199) under the direction of a faculty member.

As an option, four upper-division courses in a related field may be taken if approved in advanced by the undergraduate adviser. In general, the courses must include significant content related to the Nordic region.