Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures / Undergraduate Study

Russian Studies BA

Capstone Major

Learning Outcomes

The Russian Studies major has the following learning outcomes:

  • Incorporation of knowledge acquired to formulate an independent study topic and research project
  • Selection and use of original sources in Russian or a related language to prepare a thesis
  • Acquisition of skills relating to development of discourse and argument that is clear, reasoned, reflective, informed by evidence, and aimed at deciding what to believe
  • Determination of what information should be developed and analyzed
  • Completion of conference presentation that includes fielding audience questions
  • Mastery of oral communication including interpersonal communication, presentation, and discussion
  • Editing of the research paper into a journal article, and submission of it to an academic journal

Preparation for the Major

Required: Russian 6 or 20 or equivalent proficiency, one course from 25, 25W, 90A, 90B, or 90BW.

Transfer Students

Transfer applicants to the Russian Studies major with 90 or more units must complete the following introductory courses prior to admission to UCLA: two years of Russian and one Russian civilization course.

Refer to the UCLA transfer admission guide for up-to-date information regarding transfer selection for admission.

The Major

Required: Ten courses (44 to 47 units), including (1) three Russian language courses selected from Russian 100A, 100B, 100C, 101A, 101B, 101C, 102A, 102B, 102C, 103A, 103B, 103C, 107A, 107B, 107C, 108 (consult with the undergraduate adviser for appropriate placement); (2) three additional Russian language and/or literature courses selected from 102A, 102B, 102C, 103A, 103B, 103C, 107A, 107B, 107C, 108, M118, 119, 120, 121, 122, C124C, C124D, C124G, C124N, C124P, C124T, 129; and (3) four related fields courses selected from History M127A through 127D, Political Science 128A, 128B, 156A, Slavic CM114.

During their senior year, students must also take Slavic 191TA, 191TB, 191TC in which they complete a capstone senior thesis.

Students may petition to substitute courses after consulting with the undergraduate adviser.

Each major course must be taken for a letter grade, and students must have an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better.