Spanish and Portuguese

Scope and Objectives

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is dedicated to the study and teaching of the languages, literatures, and cultures of the Hispanic heritage in all areas of the world, particularly on the continents of Europe and America. It maintains a strong commitment to the value of original research and professional instruction at all levels of its activities.

Whether studying for the BA, MA, or PhD degree, students are given careful guidance in the choice of courses and in the preparation of a study program. The richness of Hispanic culture is amply represented in the extensive range of courses in language, linguistics, and literature. Although the literatures of Spain, Portugal, Brazil, and Spanish America predominate, courses are also offered in Chicano literature. The breadth of courses offered by the department allows undergraduate students to pursue many possible interests and enables graduate students to concentrate in depth in several areas of specialization.

Department courses are primarily designed to serve the five BA programs: BA in Spanish, BA in Spanish and Community and Culture, BA in Spanish and Linguistics, BA in Spanish and Portuguese, and BA in Portuguese, as well as to prepare students for its three graduate programs: MA in Spanish, MA in Portuguese, and PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures. The courses are also functionally supportive of such interdepartmental programs as the BA, MA, and PhD programs in Chicana and Chicano Studies, BA and MA programs in Latin American Studies, and MA and PhD programs in Comparative Literature.