Undergraduate Students

Approximately nine out of every 10 UCLA undergraduates eventually receive a bachelor’s degree, either from UCLA or from another campus or institution. One-third of all UCLA bachelor’s degree recipients go on to graduate school.

Declaration of Candidacy

To initiate the steps leading to the award of a bachelor’s degree, students must identify the term in which they expect to complete degree requirements, through MyUCLA, by the time they complete 160 units (172 units for engineering students). The identified term must be within the academic year (four quarters) subsequent to the term in which students reach or expect to reach the 160- or 172-unit limit. Once they complete 160 or 172 (or more) units, a fee is assessed each time students identify or change the degree-expected term. Current- or past-term candidates over the unit limit must file a Declaration of Candidacy form with the Registrar’s Office.

Friday of the second week of the term is the last day to declare candidacy for the current term (with fee depending on units completed). Declaration of candidacy after week two incurs a late fee, and may result in a degree-award date for the following term.

Students can verify the degree-expected term through MyUCLA. For questions about degree candidacy status, College students may inquire at the Registrar’s Office. Arts and architecture; engineering; music; nursing; and theater, film, and television students should contact their school office. A photo ID is required. Declaring candidacy is not a guarantee of graduation.

In Absentia Graduation

Students who intend to complete degree requirements while nonregistered (those who take a course through UCLA Extension or at another institution, remove an Incomplete grade, and so on) must file a request to graduate in absentia, with their degree auditor in 1113 Murphy Hall, by the week-two candidacy deadline. Students graduating in absentia are assessed the undergraduate in absentia degree-processing fee, in addition to the declaration of candidacy fee, if they were also not registered in the term immediately prior to their degree-expected term.

Final Degree Audits and Graduation

Degree auditors are responsible for verifying each candidate’s eligibility for a bachelor’s degree. Degree auditors have information pertaining to a student’s graduation only if that student declared candidacy and completed 160 quarter units (172 units for engineering students). Degree auditors are available in the following offices:

  • Letters and Science
  • Registrar’s Office, 1113 Murphy Hall
  • Arts and Architecture
  • Student Services, 2200 Broad Art Center
  • Engineering
  • Academic and Student Affairs, 6426 Boelter Hall
  • Music
  • Student Services and Enrollment Management, 1642 Schoenberg Music Building
  • Nursing
  • Undergraduate Programs, 2-147 Factor Building
  • Theater, Film, and Television
  • Student Services, 103 East Melnitz Building

During their graduating term, students should inform a degree auditor of grade changes, petitions for substitutions or exemptions, transfer credits, or similar changes that may affect their degree. If graduation eligibility cannot be verified, a degree auditor notifies the student of any outstanding requirements or other degree completion problems.

Student records are closed to revisions in enrollment, grading, and academic actions on award of a degree. Students are responsible for requesting review of their record prior to award of their degree.

A summary of shortages for the bachelor’s degree statement is sent to each current-term candidate who does not satisfy degree requirements that term. Students who receive such notices should contact a degree auditor immediately. If students expect to satisfy degree requirements in a later term, they must change their degree-expected term through MyUCLA or at 1113 Murphy Hall. They may be assessed applicable fees.

Contact degree auditors only for questions about degree audits. Telephone numbers are published on the Registrar’s services directory. For graduation ceremony procedures, contact the College or school.