Scope and Objectives

The fundamental goal of the Department of Urology is to teach medical students the general principles of diagnosis and management in diseases of the genitourinary tract. Urology encompasses a wide scope of human illness, including conditions that are congenital and acquired, pediatric and adult, male and female, malignant and benign. The department functions to acquaint students with the skills necessary to manage these conditions in the initial stages and over the long term.

Instruction spans all four years of the undergraduate medical school curriculum but is concentrated during the clinical rotations. Students spend two weeks on the urology service during the third year and may return for an additional three-week elective rotation during the fourth year. The clinical experience includes time spent in the faculty and resident clinics, on ward rounds, and in didactic conferences that cover general urology, urological subspecialties, uropathology, and uroradiology. Urology teaching settings include the Harbor-UCLA, Olive View-UCLA, and Ronald Reagan UCLA medical centers; UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica; and VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System.

For more details on the Department of Urology and courses offered, see the department website.