Visual and Performing Arts Education

Scope and Objectives

The Visual and Performing Arts Education minor is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental series of courses designed to (1) introduce students to the field of arts education for multiple publics in general and specifically in relationship to the K-12 public school system, (2) introduce students to the profession of the teaching artist and to a broad range of careers in the arts, including K-12 teaching, community arts education, museum education, creative arts therapies, and arts advocacy and to a variety of arts-related programs and cultural agencies, including community arts centers, museums, after-school programs, and nonprofit arts institutions, (3) expand the ongoing dialogue and interaction between UCLA, extended Los Angeles community, K-12 public school system, and students in the arts, and (4) extend the School of the Arts and Architecture commitment to UCLA and community partnerships by linking teaching and research with undergraduate education, civic engagement, and support for institutional priorities to improve the quality of life for Los Angeles residents.