Policy on Alternate Examination Dates

In compliance with Section 92640(a) of the California Education Code, UCLA must accommodate requests for alternate examination dates for any test or examination at a time when that activity would not violate a student’s religious creed. This requirement does not apply in the event that administering the test or examination at an alternate time would impose an undue hardship that could not reasonably be avoided. Accommodation for alternate examination dates is worked out directly and on an individual basis between the student and the faculty member involved.

In general, students should make such requests of the instructor during the first two weeks of any given academic term, or as soon as possible after a particular examination date is announced by the instructor.

Students unable to reach a satisfactory arrangement with their instructor should contact the Office of Ombuds Services, 105 Strathmore Building; or the Office of Student Conduct, 1104 Murphy Hall, for assistance.

Instructors who have questions or who wish to verify the nature of the religious event or practice involved should contact the Office of Ombuds Services or the Office of Student Conduct for assistance.