College of Letters and Science

Academic Advising Services

The College offers academic advising to help students develop and thrive, both personally and academically, through individual meetings with an adviser in their advising unit: Academic Advancement Program, College Academic Counseling, Honors Programs, or Student Athletics. College advisers work with students to plan their programs, understand requirements and regulations, learn about available resources, navigate the university, and maximize their undergraduate careers.

Academic Advancement Program

Academic Advancement Program (AAP) values student diversity and fosters student empowerment. AAP counselors assist students in planning an academic program and meeting College and UC requirements. They also monitor degree progress and connect students with campus resources and opportunities. Counselors are available for scheduled or same-day appointments. Visit 1205 Campbell Hall or call 310-825-1481.

AAP peer counselors offer peer support and an undergraduate-focused view of life at UCLA. They also can assist students with planning an academic program and navigating campus resources.

College Academic Counseling

College Academic Counseling (CAC) is committed to making student’s campus life and learning experience a positive one. Academic advising helps students develop and thrive both personally and academically in individual meetings to plan their programs, understand requirements and regulations, learn about available resources, navigate UCLA, and maximize their undergraduate careers. From orientation to graduation, CAC offers information, assistance, and support so that students can make well-informed decisions about their course of study and degree progress. For additional information or advising, students may come to A316 Murphy Hall, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; or call 310-825-3382.

College Academic Mentors work with first- and second-year students and new transfers for academic advising, choosing a major, and preparing for graduate or professional school. Students can also visit ASK Peer Counselors at five locations around campus for quick questions on degree requirements, rules and regulations, deadlines, petitions, and more.

Honors Programs

Honors Programs offers academic counseling and student advising services in a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment. Honors counselors are specially trained professionals with whom students collaborate for pre- and post-graduate planning; while Honors student affairs advisors assist students in navigating the various university processes, rules, and regulations.

Students are welcome to visit the Honors Programs office, A-311 Murphy Hall, or call 310-825-1553.

Student Athletics

Student athletes are assigned an Academic and Student Services (AS2) College academic adviser, whose role is to provide academic advice and direction in the areas of program planning, academic difficulty counseling, degree requirements, and major selection. Visit the Morgan Center or call 310-825-8699.