College and Schools / Herb Alpert School of Music

Departments and Programs

Students in the Ethnomusicology Department study the performance and context of music-making from a global perspective. The Music Department offers concentrations in composition and performance for the Music major, as well as a major in Music Education. The Musicology Department offers students a broad understanding of the history and culture of music.

The school is also home to two undergraduate minors. The Musicology minor offers undergraduates an overview of music history and the study of music. Students may select from a wide variety of undergraduate courses that range through the history of European and American music. The Music Industry minor introduces students to critical perspectives on the formative effects the music industry and music technology have on musical practices around the world.

Information regarding academic programs is available from the Office of Student Services and Enrollment Management, 1642 Schoenberg Music Building.

Teaching Credentials

Students interested in obtaining instructional credentials for California elementary and secondary schools should contact the Teacher Education Program, 1009 Moore Hall.