John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management

Marian Anderson Courtyard, School of Managmenet
  • Alfred E. Osborne Jr., Interim Dean

In today’s rapidly changing global marketplace, it is essential that professional managers be conversant with the latest concepts and principles of management. At the UCLA John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management, which is consistently ranked among the best such schools in the nation, students prepare to become first-rate managers with both specialized skills and broad understanding of the general economic, business, and managerial environment. This background enables them to become effective and efficient directors of organizations and people whether they are in the private, public, or not-for-profit sector.

Specifically, the Anderson Graduate School of Management offers the business community a wide range of higher education programs that furnish state-of-the-art information in a variety of fields. Through its faculty, the school advances the art and science of management by engaging in fundamental and cutting-edge research in all fields of management, and by educating scholars who can continue to create this new knowledge.

Students come from diverse professional and educational backgrounds and seek equally diverse personal and professional goals. Whether they pursue the professional MBA or a PhD in Management, they graduate with a broad understanding of people and organizations and with a sound technical background in the economic and mathematical concepts of management planning and decision making.

The school offers a variety of programs leading to graduate degrees at the master’s and doctorate levels. These include a professional Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science (MS) in Business Analytics, and a Master of Financial Engineering (MFE); as well as an Executive MBA program designed for working managers who are moving from specialized areas into general management, and a three-year Fully Employed MBA program for emerging managers. The school also offers a dual Global Executive MBA degree with the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School that prepares participants for top positions in organizations around the world. A PhD in Management is also offered, as are a certificate executive program and research conferences and seminars for experienced managers.

The school offers an undergraduate minor in Accounting. It also offers an interdisciplinary undergraduate minor in Entrepreneurship in conjunction with the College of Letters and Science, designed for students interested in new business ventures, business development, and entrepreneurial ideas; see the Entrepreneurship minor for details. Several undergraduate courses in management are also offered. Enrollment in these courses, although open to all UCLA students who have completed the requisites, is limited.