UCLA General Catalog Production Credits

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catalog cover

PDF Catalog Cover: Tunic with Cotton Plants, detail, Moche culture, Peru 500-700 CE, Fowler Museum; Architectural Sculpture, 1966 by Oliver Andrews, painted bronze and welded steel sculpture, Murphy Sculpture Garden; Book of Hours detail, Belt manuscript 37 p8, UCLA Library digital collections; Cabinet and books from The Sette of Odd Volumes bibliophilic club, late 1880s, Clark Library; Esquel pallasite (core-mantle inteface of asteroid), Argentina 1951, from the Schlazer Collection, UCLA Meteorite Collection gallery; The Bruin, 1984 by Billy Fitzgerald, bronze sculpture, gift of UCLA Alumni Association, Bruin Plaza.

Catalog Photography: © 2012 Kyle Alexander, licensed to UCLA; Tim Bradbury/Daily Bruin; Jeffrey Lamont Brown; Christina L. Buswell; Todd Cheney; courtesy of Fowler Museum at UCLA, photography by Don Cole; Michal Czerwonka; Stephanie Diani; Rajat Ghosh; Ken Hively; © Reed Hutchinson, licensed to UCLA; Harlan Lebo; Don Liebig; Alan Nyiri, Photographer, Atkinson Photographic Archive, UCLA University Archives, © UC Regents; photo by Max Pixel, used under Creative Commons CC0 license; Karen Robbins; Sonja Smith; Juan Tallo; Paul Turang; © 2013 Coral Von Zumwalt, licensed to UCLA; © 2010-2015 Elena Zhukova for UC Office of the President.

Special thanks to ASUCLA Photography; ASUCLA Store; Chancellor’s Office; College of Letters and Science; School of the Arts and Architecture; School of Dentistry; School of Engineering; School of Nursing; School of Public Health; School of Theater, Film, and Television; Center for 17th and 18th Century Studies/Clark Library; Cultural and Recreational Affairs; Film and Television Archive; Fowler Museum; Fraternity and Sorority Relations; Grunwald Center for the Graphic Arts; Hammer Museum; Housing and Hospitality Services; Image Library; International Institute; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Campus Resource Center; Library; Materials Science Engineering; Morgan Center; Newsroom/UCLA Today; Quarter in Washington DC Program; UCLA/Getty Conservation Program; Strategic Communications; Volunteer Center; and World Arts and Cultures/Dance for contributing photographs from their collections.