College and Schools / Meyer and Renee Luskin School of Public Affairs

Degrees and Programs

The Luskin School of Public Affairs offers the following degrees and undergraduate minors:

  • Public Affairs BA
  • Public Policy MPP
  • Social Welfare MSW, PhD
  • Urban and Regional Planning MURP
  • Urban Planning PhD

Concurrent Degree Programs

  • Public Policy MPP/Law JD
  • Public Policy MPP/Management MBA
  • Public Policy MPP/Medicine MD
  • Public Policy MPP/Public Health MPH
  • Public Policy MPP/Social Welfare MSW
  • Social Welfare MSW/Asian American Studies MA
  • Social Welfare MSW/Law JD
  • Social Welfare MSW/Public Health MPH
  • Urban and Regional Planning MURP/Architecture MArch I
  • Urban and Regional Planning MURP/Latin American Studies MA
  • Urban and Regional Planning MURP/Law JD
  • Urban and Regional Planning MURP/Management MBA
  • Urban and Regional Planning MURP/Public Health MPH

Undergraduate Minors

  • Gerontology
  • Public Affairs
  • Urban and Regional Studies

Obtain brochures about the school undergraduate programs from the department offices, 3250 Public Affairs Building, or see school minors.

The school also offers a wide array of undergraduate courses in public affairs. Enrollment in these courses is open to all undergraduate students.