College and Schools / School of the Arts and Architecture

Departments and Programs

The four departments of the school are integral to the rich and varied cultural life of the UCLA campus. The Architecture and Urban Design Department offers students with a unique opportunity to study buildings, cities, and their interdependence in one of the most structurally and ethnically diverse cities in the world. Students in the Art Department learn to understand the broad panorama of the visual arts, emphasizing experimentation. The Design | Media Arts Department focuses on electronic and digital imagery in visual communication design. The World Arts and Cultures/Dance Department offers innovative curricula focused on interdisciplinary and intercultural investigation of performance, the arts, and dance; and on establishing connections between cultural theory and artistic practice.

The school is also home to one undergraduate minor. The Visual and Performing Arts Education minor is designed to introduce arts students to the issues and methodologies in the field of arts education.

Information about academic programs is available from the Office of Enrollment Management, 8260 Broad Art Center.

Teaching Credentials

Students interested in obtaining instructional credentials for California elementary and secondary schools should contact the Teacher Education Program, 1009 Moore Hall.