School of Dentistry

  • Paul H. Krebsbach, Dean

The UCLA School of Dentistry has a national and international reputation for its teaching, research activities, and public service that prepare dental students for professional careers dedicated to patient care, leadership, and service. The curriculum prepares students for changes in treatment modalities and health care delivery systems. From the moment training begins, students actively participate in preventive and clinical dental care and soon make valuable contributions to the clinical health team. Clinical instruction emphasizes the comprehensive care of patients. Students interact with their colleagues, faculty members, and dental auxiliary personnel in much the same way as they later will interact in a private or group practice.

Students may undertake programs designed to meet their special interests; mandatory selectives encourage advanced training in an area of particular interest and service learning. In addition to basic and applied research programs within the school, students participate in community service programs such as the Wilson-Jennings-Bloomfield UCLA Venice Dental Center. Graduate programs and resident specialty programs foster new lines of research that lead to better treatment options. An active continuing education program, directed by UCLA faculty members, offers a variety of hands-on courses for members of the dental profession and their auxiliaries.