School of Nursing

Factor building, School of Nursing
  • Linda P. Sarna, Dean

The UCLA School of Nursing enjoys a national and international reputation for excellence in teaching, research, and clinical practice.

A strong scientific basis underlies the teaching of nursing practice, leadership, and research. Related clinical experiences are arranged within the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, its affiliates, and in selected community sites.

The bachelor’s degree program prepares nurses as generalists with special skills in primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention and care within a population-based context; leadership; and evidence-based practice. The master’s degree program prepares nurses as generalists in hospital-based care or for advanced nursing practice as nurse practitioners or clinical specialists in a variety of settings and specialized areas of health care. The PhD program prepares scholars who conduct original research, generate new theories, and build the scientific basis for professional nursing practice. Research is both basic and applied. The DNP program prepares nurses who are currently functioning at an advanced level of practice as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, or nurse administrators. The professional practice doctorate is designed to develop competencies for advanced clinical and leadership roles beyond the master’s degree necessary for the higher levels of patient safety and quality of patient care. Leadership, health system knowledge, and quality — as well as health care policy and critical content — are emphasized in the curriculum.

The school has an exceptionally qualified faculty; many members have national and international reputations for excellence. The school is consistently ranked high for its teaching and research programs. The innovative curriculum is responsive to national needs in health care and the diversity of the patient population. Graduates of the program are sought by health care institutions and educational programs, and many alumni have become leaders in the field. Education in this research university, with its full range of academic disciplines, offers a rich environment for preparation in the health sciences.