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Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Students must satisfy UC requirements, school require­ments, and major requirements for award of a Bachelor of Science degree.

Degree Requirements

University Requirements

  1. Entry-Level Writing or English as a Second Language
  2. American History and Institutions

School Requirements

  1. Unit
  2. Scholarship
  3. Academic Residence
  4. Writing Requirement
    • Writing I
    • Writing II
  5. Quantitative Reasoning
  6. General Education
    • Foundations of Arts and Humanities
    • Foundations of Society and Culture
    • Foundations of Scientific Inquiry

Major Requirements

  1. Preparation for the Major
  2. The Major

Courses that do not satisfy specific UC, school, or department requirements are referred to as electives and can be used to meet the minimum unit requirement for graduation.

University Requirements

The University of California has two requirements that undergraduate students must satisfy in order to graduate: Entry-Level Writing or English as a Second Language, and American History and Institutions. See Degree Requirements in the Undergraduate Study chapter for details.

Students enrolled in English Composition 1A, 1B, and 2I must take each course for a letter grade.