College and Schools / School of Nursing

School Requirements

There are six requirements that must be satisfied for award of a degree.

Unit Requirement

Students must complete with a passing grade a minimum of 180 units. At least 83 of the 180 units must be upper-division courses numbered 100 through 199. A maximum of 216 units is permitted. Students with advanced placement or international baccalaureate credit may exceed the unit maximum by the amount of that credit.

Scholarship Requirement

A 2.0 (C) grade-point average is required in all work attempted at the University of California, exclusive of courses in UCLA Extension and those graded Passed/Not Passed. A 2.0 (C) grade-point average is also required in all upper-division courses in the major taken at the University of California, as well as in all courses applied toward the general education and UC requirements. Each required nursing course in the school must be completed with a C grade or better (C– grade is not acceptable). Elective courses may be taken on a Passed/Not Passed basis with prior approval, according to the policy stated in the Academic Policies chapter.

Academic Residence Requirement

Students are in residence while enrolled and attending classes at UCLA with a declared major in the School of Nursing, and must complete all units in the junior and senior years in residence at the school.

Writing Requirement

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

General Education Requirements

Additional requirements are listed under Admission and Preparation for the Major in the Curricula and Courses chapter.

Major Requirements

There are two types of requirements that must be satisfied for award of a degree: preparation for the major and the major. See the Curricula and Courses chapter for details.