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School Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

Students must demonstrate basic skills in quantitative reasoning. The requirement may be satisfied by completing one approved UCLA course (see list below) or an equivalent course within the first seven terms of enrollment. The course must be taken for a letter grade, and students must receive a C grade or better (a C– grade is not acceptable).

The requirement may also be satisfied by achieving an SAT Reasoning Test Mathematics Section score of 600 or higher, or an SAT Subject Test in Mathematics score of 550 or higher. Approved UCLA courses and examinations, and qualifying scores, are determined by the school Student Affairs Committee. Approved courses are listed below.

If approved for general education (GE) credit, applicable courses may also fulfill a GE requirement.

Transfer students with 90 or more units who have completed the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) will have satisfied the quantitative reasoning requirement. No transfer student is admitted to the school without completing, with a C grade or better (C– grade is not acceptable), a college-level quantitative reasoning course that Undergraduate Admission accepts as equivalent to those approved by the Faculty Executive Committee.

Approved courses include

  • Biostatistics 100A, 100B
  • Life Sciences 20, 30A, 30B, 40
  • Mathematics 2 (or any higher-number course except 19, 71SL, 72SL, 89, 89HC, 98XA, 98XB, 99, 103A-103B-103C, 105A-105B-105C, 189, 189HC, 195, 197, 199)
  • Philosophy 31
  • Political Science 6, 6R
  • Program in Computing 10A, 10B, 10C
  • Statistics 10, 12, 13