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Graduate Study

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree program offers prelicensure and postlicensure options. The master’s entry clinical nurse (MECN)/prelicensure program is designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in another discipline who wish to become registered nurses. The advanced practice registered nurse (APRN)/postlicensure program is for registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing who wish to prepare for an advanced practice role, such as nurse practitioner or clinical nurse specialist.

The PhD program, which includes an en-route MS option, prepares scholars who do original research, generate new theories, and build the scientific basis for professional nursing practice. Research is both basic and applied.

The DNP program prepares nurses who are currently functioning at an advanced level of practice as nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, or nurse administrators. Leadership, health system knowledge, quality, and health care policy are critical content emphasized in the curriculum. The DNP degree is designed to meet the dynamic needs of the national health care system to improve quality of care, promote patient safety, and reduce cost.


Detailed information about the graduate academic programs is included in program requirements for UCLA graduate degrees.

For information on proficiency in English requirements for international graduate students, see Graduate Admission in the Graduate Study chapter.

Degree Requirements

For complete degree requirements, see program requirements for UCLA graduate degrees.