Asian Languages and Cultures / Undergraduate Study

Asian Languages and Linguistics BA

Learning Outcomes

The Asian Languages and Linguistics major has the following learning outcomes:

  • Identification of major linguistic features of Asian languages, with attention to chosen region of expertise
  • Demonstrated working knowledge of one or two Asian languages
  • Demonstrated competency in fieldwork with Asian languages in their natural social and cultural contexts
  • Demonstrated familiarity with current theories of language pedagogy with practical skills in classroom teaching of an Asian language
  • Understanding of the interdependency and dynamic relationship between language, society, culture, and social interaction in the context of Asia languages across time and different modes of communication
  • Conduct research and formulate effective written and oral arguments that address important themes and issues in languages and cultures of Asia

Preparation for the Major

Required: Completion of the intermediate sequence in one Asian language offered by the department (e.g., Chinese 6, 10, Filipino 6, Hindi-Urdu 100C, Indonesian 6, Japanese 6, 10, Korean 6, 10, Thai 6, Vietnamese 6, or equivalent) and Asian 30 or one civilization course (e.g., Chinese 50, Japanese 50, 70, Korean 50, Southeast Asian 70) or one introduction to religions course (e.g., Asian M60, M60W, M61, Chinese M60, M60W, Korean M60, South Asian M60, Southeast Asian M60) within the department; and Linguistics 20.

Transfer Students

Transfer applicants to the Asian Languages and Linguistics major with 90 or more units must complete as many of the following introductory courses as possible prior to admission to UCLA: two years of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Filipino/Tagalog, Hindi, Indonesian, Thai, or Vietnamese and either one Asian languages and culture course or one civilization course on Asia or one introduction to Buddhism course or one introduction to Asian religions course or one introduction to linguistic analysis course.

Refer to the UCLA transfer admission guide for up-to-date information regarding transfer selection for admission.

The Major

Required: Eleven courses as follows: (1) five upper-division language courses in one Asian language offered by the department, or three upper-division language courses in one Asian language offered by the department and two upper-division language courses in a different Asian language offered by the department, (2) Asian 100 and 104, (3) two Asian linguistics courses selected from Asian CM124, Chinese 103, C120, Japanese M120, CM122, CM123, CM127, and (4) two upper-division electives within the department or from the Linguistics Department.