Scope and Objectives

The civilizations of ancient Greece and Rome are the focus of research and teaching in the Department of Classics. These areas of study are important in their own right and for their contributions to the political, cultural, intellectual, and artistic development of the Western world. To this end, the department offers a wide variety of interdisciplinary courses in classical civilization (multiple-listed in the Art History, Philosophy, and Political Science Departments), as well as elementary and advanced courses in ancient Greek and Latin language, literature, and linguistics. Classical civilization courses include such topics as Greek and Latin literature in translation (genres of epic, comedy, tragedy, biography), classical mythology, religion, law, gender and sexuality, politics, philosophy, art and archaeology, and the reception of the ancient world in modern cultures (cinema and classics).

The department offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in Classical Civilization, in Greek, in Latin, and in Greek and Latin and the PhD degree in Classics. Students can earn Master of Arts degrees in Classics (Greek and Latin), in Greek, or in Latin only after they have been admitted to the PhD program.