Digital Humanities Graduate Courses

201. Introduction to Digital Humanities. (5) Seminar, three hours; laboratory, one hour. Introduction to field of digital humanities. Historical overview of field from its beginning in post-World War II era to present, highlighting major intellectual problems, disciplinary paradigms, and institutional challenges that are posed by digital humanities. Examination of major epistemological, methodological, technological, and institutional challenges posed by digital humanities through number of specific projects that address fundamental problems in creating, interpreting, preserving, and transmitting human cultural record. How digital technologies and tools, ranging from map visualizations and modeling environments to database structures and interface design, are arguments that make certain assumptions about, and even transform, objects of study. Letter grading.

250. Special Topics in Digital Humanities. (4) Seminar, three hours. Enforced requisite: course 201. Introduction to advanced research method or thematic issue in digital humanities, such as digital textual analysis, digital mapping database and visualization technologies, or social media technologies. Acquisition of familiarity with particular set of technologies by learning practical research methods and theoretical issues to carry out advanced research in this area. Examination of critiques of theoretical underpinnings of such technologies and issues that they raise. May be repeated for credit with topic change. Letter grading.

299. Special Projects in Digital Humanities. (2 to 4) Tutorial, one hour. Enforced requisite: course 201. Limited to and required of graduate students in Digital Humanities Graduate Certificate Program. Supervised research and investigation under guidance of faculty mentor. Culminating project required. May be repeated for maximum of 12 units. Letter grading.

596. Directed Individual Study or Research. (2 to 12) Tutorial, three hours. To be arranged with faculty member who directs study or research. S/U or letter grading.