Disability Studies

Scope and Objectives

The Disability Studies minor introduces undergraduate students to the emerging interdisciplinary field of disability studies, offering a new lens for thinking about the body, society, and culture. The field reorients a marginalized phenomenon at the center of our experience, transforming what is often misconceived as an abnormality of daily life into one of its most basic realities. Faculty members from applied fields in the professional schools (e.g., education, law, medicine, nursing, public health, public policy, and urban planning) collaborate with faculty from academic disciplines across the College of Letters and Science and the School of the Arts and Architecture (e.g., anthropology, English, history, linguistics, psychology, and world arts and cultures) to provide a critical framework for questioning and connecting topics related to disability in these established disciplines.

Through a core course, carefully selected electives, a required two-term internship or research apprenticeship, and a senior capstone project, students in the minor obtain both breadth and depth in their understanding of the concept and practical implications of disability.