Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences

Undergraduate Study

All of the majors offered in the Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences Department are designated capstone majors. While the specific nature of the capstone experience varies by major, students are required to use skill and knowledge sets from previous coursework to complete a field-based research project from conception to written report. Projects must be placed into context within the current state of understanding, and results are presented at a research symposium or published as a brief report.

Honors in Geology or Geophysics

The honors program in geology or geophysics is intended to provide exceptional students an opportunity for advanced research and study under the tutorial guidance of a faculty member. Requirements for admission to candidacy are the same as those required for admission to the Honors Programs of the College of Letters and Science. Qualified students wishing to enter the program must submit a completed application form to the departmental honors committee near the end of their junior year. Honors in geology or geophysics are awarded at graduation to those students who have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.5, have completed at least 90 graded units at the University of California, and have completed a minimum of two terms (8 units) of Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences 198 leading to the preparation of a satisfactory honors thesis. Students demonstrating exceptional ability are awarded highest honors.