Undergraduate Study

Students must have completed the Entry-Level Writing requirement before taking any courses in English (other than English Composition 1 or 2). For further information regarding Entry-Level Writing, see the Undergraduate Study chapter.

The English major and American Literature and Culture major are designated capstone majors. Students in both majors have the option of completing a capstone seminar or other culminating work that enables them to use knowledge and skills acquired through previous coursework to engage, under the guidance of a faculty member, in literary research or other creative projects that result in a final paper or other product.

Extra-Departmental Requirement in Foreign Literature or Foreign Language

All English majors must have completed either (1) level five or equivalent in any one foreign language or (2) level three or equivalent in one foreign language and two additional courses in foreign language or foreign literature, including foreign literature in translation (see course listings under Foreign Literature in Translation). Transfer students who have satisfied the College of Letters and Science foreign language requirement at the high-school level through the IGETC program may satisfy the departmental requirement with five foreign literature in translation courses. The courses may be taken on a P/NP grading basis.

Honors Program


The honors program is open to departmental majors with a 3.5 departmental and a 3.25 overall grade-point average (GPA). Students with lower GPAs may petition for admission to the program, but these grade-point averages must be achieved before graduation in order to qualify for honors. Students should apply by winter quarter of the junior year. For application forms and further information, contact the departmental counselor.


All honors students are required to take one theory course from English 120 through 128 (may fulfill one of three required breadth courses) no later than winter quarter of the junior year. Students in the creative writing concentration are required to have completed or been accepted into their third workshop in a single genre prior to or concurrent with enrollment in course 191H. In spring quarter of the junior year, students must take course 191H (may fulfill one of two electives for the major). During fall and winter quarters of the senior year, they take courses 198A and 198B, in which they write a thesis under the direction of a faculty member (198B may fulfill the second of two electives for the major). The thesis determines whether they receive highest honors, honors, or no honors.