Undergraduate Study

Food Studies Minor

To be eligible for the Food Studies minor, students must be in good academic standing (have an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better) and be enrolled in one of the required lower-division courses for the minor. To apply, students must file a petition with College Academic Counseling, A316 Murphy Hall.

Required Lower-Division Courses (10 or 11 units): Environment 25 or Clusters M1CW, and one course from Community Health Sciences 48, Italian 42C, or Physiological Science 7.

Required Elective Courses (20 or 21 units): Four courses from Anthropology 133, Chinese 185, Civic Engagement 170SL, Community Health Sciences 130, 131, 132, English 112E, M118F, Food Studies 197, Italian 124, Physiological Science 167, Society and Genetics M132, 134, Urban Planning M165, and World Arts and Cultures C129.

Required Capstone Course (4 units): Food Studies 195CE or 199. The capstone requirement gives students the opportunity to either put their studies into practice through internship or complete independent research in a food-related area of interest. The capstone course is required for completion of the minor. It must be the last course completed for the minor, after all other courses have been completed or concurrently with one remaining course requirement.

To remain eligible for the minor, students much earn a minimum grade of C in Environment 25 or Clusters M1CW.

No more than two lower-division courses may be applied toward the minor. Students may petition to have courses other than those listed above under the required elective courses be applied toward the minor. Contact the academic counselor for the Food Studies minor for information on how to petition.

A minimum of 20 units applied toward the minor requirements must be in addition to units applied toward major requirements or another minor.

Each minor course must be taken for a letter grade, and students must have an overall grade-point average of 2.0 or better in the minor. Successful completion of the minor is indicated on the transcript and diploma.