French and Francophone Studies

Scope and Objectives

The Department of French and Francophone Studies is a major West Coast center for the study of French. In recent decades French critical thought has maintained a dominant position in the Western world. The department seeks to give its students not only a background in the various fields of French and Francophone studies, but also opportunity to relate literary, linguistic, and cultural study to examination of the critical intellectual questions of our time.

The undergraduate lower-division program is designed to provide students with practical competence in French after one year and thorough basic knowledge of the language after two years.

The undergraduate upper-division program is chiefly devoted to perfecting linguistic skills and to the study of French and Francophone culture and literature. Courses in linguistics and business French are also offered. Students graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in French should be fully fluent in French and possess a thorough background in French and Francophone literature and culture. Both Bachelor of Arts degrees lead to graduate studies in French.

The graduate program offers both MA and PhD degrees and comprises training in the various fields of French and Francophone culture, literature, and thought, as well as in literary criticism, analysis, and theory. A number of courses in linguistics and stylistics are also offered.