Undergraduate Study

Gender Studies BA

Capstone Major

The Gender Studies major is a designated capstone major. Students are required to complete a senior seminar in which they conduct original research while studying readings that consider how disciplinary and interdisciplinary research has been conducted and critiqued. Through their senior seminar work, students produce a significant work that may include an original research paper, a media project, or an in-depth literature review. They are expected to demonstrate working knowledge of the field of gender studies; understand key theoretical approaches in the study of women, gender, and sexuality; have ability to construct well-written analytic essays and present their work orally; and conduct a research project that involves the consultation of scholarly literature and presentation of evidence to support an argument.

The major in Gender Studies may be taken alone or in conjunction with another Letters and Science major. In the case of a double major, no more than five courses may be applied toward both majors.

Learning Outcomes

The Gender Studies major has the following learning outcomes:

  • Demonstrated working knowledge of the field of gender studies
  • Understanding of key theoretical approaches in the study of women, gender, and sexuality
  • Demonstrated ability to construct well-written analytic essays and give an oral presentation
  • Conduct a research project that involves the consultation of scholarly literatures and presentation of evidence to support an argument


To be admitted to the major, students must have completed Gender Studies 10, be in good standing, and formally register with the department. They are encouraged to declare their major as early as possible and to discuss their proposed course of study with the undergraduate adviser.

Students are encouraged to draw on diverse UCLA resources in creating their program of study. They may pursue traditional and/or innovative subjects in fields ranging from the humanities and fine arts to the social and life sciences. In addition to courses on the gender studies approved list, students may petition to have diverse courses accepted, including courses outside the College of Letters and Science, independent studies, or field study courses.

Each course applied toward the major must be taken for a letter grade, and students must have a grade-point average of 2.0 or better in gender studies courses to receive credit for completing the program. Courses in which they receive grades of C− or lower may not be applied toward the required courses in the major.

Preparation for the Major

Required: Gender Studies 10. Students must also complete departmental lower-division requisites, as applicable, for upper-division gender studies courses.

Transfer Students

Transfer applicants to the Gender Studies major with 90 or more units must complete the following introductory courses prior to admission to UCLA: one multidisciplinary gender studies course and departmental lower-division requisite courses.

Refer to the UCLA transfer admission guide for up-to-date information regarding transfer selection for admission.

The Major

The major is designed to (1) impart core concepts in theory and critical analysis, research design, and methods and (2) provide students with exposure to a range of feminist and queer scholarship across disciplines. To achieve these goals, the major is divided into three categories.

Required: At least 11 upper-division courses (minimum of 4 units each) as follows: (1) three core courses — Gender Studies 102, 103, 104, (2) seven elective courses; one upper-division tutorial (minimum of 4 units) selected from course 195, 197, or 199 may be applied toward the elective requirement (this limit does not apply to course 198A or 198B), and (3) course 187 (capstone seminar).

Honors Program

The honors program is open to advanced junior and senior Gender Studies majors with a 3.6 grade-point average in gender studies courses and a minimum 3.4 overall GPA who have no outstanding Incomplete grades, and to majors who demonstrate ability to do honors work by submitting a paper to the department chair for approval.

To qualify for honors at graduation, students must successfully complete three successive terms of honors research (courses 198A, 198B, 198C) with their faculty sponsor and receive a grade of B+ or better on their research paper/project. Course 198A may be applied toward the elective requirement; courses 198B and 198C are in addition to the minimum required courses. Further information is available from the undergraduate counselor in the department office.