Majors and Degrees

Graduate Concurrent and Articulated Degrees

Inquiries about concurrent and articulated degree programs should be directed to graduate advisers in the departments and schools involved. Students should contact Graduate Admissions/Student and Academic Affairs for information on designing articulated programs.

Concurrent Degrees

Concurrent degree programs allow students to reduce the number of courses required for two degrees, since some courses may apply to both degrees.

  • African American Studies Interdepartmental MA/Law JD
  • African Studies Interdepartmental MA/Public Health MPH
  • American Indian Studies Interdepartmental MA/Law JD
  • Architecture MArch I/Urban Planning MURP
  • Asian American Studies Interdepartmental MA/Public Health MPH
  • Asian American Studies Interdepartmental MA/Social Welfare MSW
  • Community Health Sciences MPH/Urban Planning MURP
  • Education MA, PhD, MEd, or EdD/Law JD
  • Environmental Health Sciences MPH/Urban Planning MURP
  • Latin American Studies Interdepartmental MA/Urban Planning MURP
  • Management MBA/Computer Science MS
  • Management MBA/Dentistry DDS
  • Management MBA/Latin American Studies Interdepartmental MA
  • Management MBA/Law JD
  • Management MBA/Library and Information Science MLIS
  • Management MBA/Medicine MD
  • Management MBA/Nursing MSN
  • Management MBA/Public Health MPH
  • Management MBA/Public Policy MPP
  • Management MBA/Urban Planning MURP
  • Philosophy PhD/Law JD
  • Public Health MPH/Law JD
  • Public Health MPH/Public Policy MPP
  • Public Health MPH/Social Welfare MSW
  • Public Policy MPP/Law JD
  • Public Policy MPP/Medicine MD
  • Social Welfare MSW/Law JD
  • Social Welfare MSW/Public Policy MPP
  • Urban Planning MURP/Law JD

Articulated Degrees

Articulated degree programs permit no credit overlap; students must complete degree requirements separately for each degree.

  • Latin American Studies Interdepartmental MA/Education MEd in Curriculum
  • Latin American Studies Interdepartmental MA/Library and Information Science MLIS
  • Latin American Studies Interdepartmental MA/Public Health MPH
  • Medicine MD/Graduate Division health science major PhD
  • Oral Biology MS or PhD/Dentistry DDS or certificate
  • Public Health MPH/Medicine MD